De Gillett

It's a little embarrassing to go back so far in my practice, but I think it might be important to show all the beginning artists out there my journey in competitions over the last 20 years. All of these works have been awarded- from "Local Artist Encouragement Award" through many "Popular Vote" and "People's Choice" awards, and onward to some higher level prizes. It has all built my CV, which is an important thing to have looking good. My apologies for the appalling standard of the photography in some of these early shots- I didn't even own a camera way back then, so it's rather surprising that I have any documentation of these works at all. If you want to know the detail of which competition, which prize and where, it's all in my CV. You will see that when I began, it was all small, regional competitions, and that's a good place for beginners to start putting their work out there. You often get the chance to ask the judge for feedback, and the entries are usually not pre-selected, so you are assured of a place on the wall. The first few times you see your work up there to be judged, it's confronting, but you do develop a thick skin in the end, and that's a vital asset for any working artist!