I am a multi-award winning fine artist and art teacher of more than 30 years’ experience, utterly obsessed with colour and movement.
Since the tender age of 7, I knew I would be a career artist.
Now, 50 years and thousands of paintings later, I have committed to documenting and sharing online my process and progress; my painting triumphs, and how I fix it when things don’t go quite so triumphantly. I’m capturing critiques of my student’s works, and demonstrating all my hard-won tips and tricks in a searchable library.
Your monthly membership will directly fund my ability to collate, preserve and share the countless things I have learned over a lifetime of making paintings & being a successful visual artist. As a supporter, you will be in the engine room helping to build a world where creatives like you and me have access to the answers they need to build their own creatively fulfilling life.
De Gillett Cox holding up her stencils

De’s Tools and Brushes

It can be super difficult to trawl through all the options available online and find the tools and brushes that will perform as I need them to. I’ve started coralling the ones I buy, try, and am pleased with onto my tools and brushes Pinterest board so you don’t have to find them all over again! Some of these products are affiliate links where I may make a small amount from your purchase, but all of them are things I use personally and wouldn’t be without. Hope you find it useful!



There are currently 4 stand alone online painting workshops with De for you to either stream or download. You can find them all through CLICKING THIS LINK to the Arts Tree website, right here