I am a multi-award winning fine artist and art teacher of more than 30 years’ experience, utterly obsessed with colour and movement.
Since the tender age of 7, I knew I would be a career artist.
Now, 50 years and thousands of paintings later, I have committed to documenting and sharing online my process and progress; my painting triumphs, and how I fix it when things don’t go quite so triumphantly. I’m capturing critiques of my student’s works, and demonstrating all my hard-won tips and tricks in a searchable library.
Your monthly membership will directly fund my ability to collate, preserve and share the countless things I have learned over a lifetime of making paintings & being a successful visual artist. As a supporter, you will be in the engine room helping to build a world where creatives like you and me have access to the answers they need to build their own creatively fulfilling life.


One-on- one online coaching is through my Patreon page. Once a month, I will meet with you on Zoom, and we can trouble-shoot up to 3 of your works in progress.

Digitally working on the images you have sent me, I will make changes, translating the digital to terms of colours and mediums so that you can fix the issues!

After our meeting, I send you the adjusted images, a traceable version of your chosen image to help with drawing, and a copy of the recording to keep.

You may share your subscription and our meeting with up to 2 friends, learning about painting together! What fun!

So many benefits on Patreon!